Un nou blog in comunitate

Este vorba despre: “girl anachronisms – It’s hard to catch a black cat in a dark room. Especially if there’s no cat.” Pe scurt: Whatever. :)

About this girl:

She is a truly scrumptious person with an introverted sixth sense of all things around her inner self. In other words a perfection provider, with an undelible, unquestionable and screwy musical taste which some may call insipid.

She supports the mint rubbing and procrastination underground scene and is highly against hi-technology, the mainstream operation and hippie fantasies.

Indeed having a modest personality she rises against people saying about her she has deep and sometimes confusing but nevertheless perfect thoughts (myselfish)

Dupa parerea mea, Diana este o tanara cu spirit de artist. Cred ca ne va incanta in momentele cand vom gasi timp sa-i vizitam blogul.

M-ar interesa si pe mine un blog aici. Pe scurt: critica de film (si alte lucruri din domeniu), literara, cronici de albume. Cam asa. Astept insa mai multe informatii.
Multumesc:) (de aici)

Eu zic ca suna promitator. :) Si mai zic ca nu trebuie sa mai stati, puteti deja sa o vizitati pentru ca deja v-a pregatit ceva. (6 posts) :)

P.S. Daca mai vrea cineva sa aiba blog la noi in comunitate, astept un comentariu, sau un mail. :) (ovidiu punct scarlat at gmail punct com)

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